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Training Resources

Wikiversity Lua and Scribunto Course

Current Modules In This Wiki

  • Entity - DE created, don't use
  • LuaTest- DE created - runs Hello World
    • LuaTest/doc - DE created
  • Bananas - MM created March 25 - runs Hello world

Needed Features

  • Create a Form for cataloging artworks
    • has required fields for new entries (from set list of Properties)
    • required fields have controlled values as dropdown menus
      • example: "completeness" has list of items: broken, Ok, etc. that relate to that particular Property
  • List items (Artworks) in the Catalog according to specified parameters
    • Ex: artworks only (items with property value = ##), and that have a particular property (P= ##) or set of properties
  • Easily and conveniently export lists to spreadsheets


Hello, world! on April 05, 2016