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Date created: 2007-02-26

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The Gruppe Or-Om is a strictly virtual and non for profit organization. The group is working on the evolution of [art; universalistic synthesis of all possible finite canons and structures of forms and contents of arts deduced within the Absolute Essentiality; progessive transcending of postmodernistic paradigms]; [mathematics, logics and new theories of science, AI] ; http://or-om/krlogikorom.pdf and [social formations; progressive universalistic humanism and socialism] The means for evolutionary changes proposed by the group are strictly peaceful excluding revolutionary and violent movements. The group started its net activities in 2001.

Rhizome: - Universal Net-Cubism;

museum in progress: ,

                    ; Manifesto in "Der Standard" 8. 3. 2004 and 11.3.2004;

dispositiv (Richard Jochum): critical features;

Monochrom, Quartier 21:, "Quo vadis logo?";

International Istanbul Graphic Design Week, Istanbul 3-7 May 2004;

KÃ1⁄4nstlerhaus Wien, UPDATE: Hornbach Art Galleries© 1-4/2005;

Monochrom, Quartier 21: Installation: Die Ge_HORNBACH_te Kunst. Wien 5-8/2005;

Monochrom, Quartier 21: Installation: The End of Postmodernism. Wien 3-8/2006.

Kunsthaus Graz/Kunstlabor: Installation: The End of Postmodernism. Graz 10-12/2006.

Team Teichenberg, Quartier 21: Installation: The Google Goose. Wien 10-12/2006.

Reconstruction Community Athens: Or-Om Acropolis . Athens since 12/2006.

Team Teichenberg, Quartier 21:Installation: QVC The Artwork. Wien 3-4/2007.

QVC the Artwork© â—"â–oArt Extension and Infinityâ—"

The steps of Art Extension

1. step - [Mutt â†' Duchamp]

Duchamp transfers products (e.g. an urinal) from the market "Mutt" to Art Galleries and declares them as works of art (objet trouvé).

2. step â€" [Duchamp â†' Hornbach]

The Gruppe Or-Om makes art history by transforming Hornbach Markets into Art Galleries and declaring all its products and deriving costumer-products as artworks;

3. step: [QVC the Artwork©]

The Gruppe Or-Om declares the totality of QVC as a work of art and examines the possibilities of art extension and its relationship to infinity.

Date created: 2007-02-26