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green mujahideen is a multilayered piece that represents relationship between the Western societies and the Arab world.

on the base level only several rather naive elements are used: a Saudi Arabian flag (embodying the Arab world) and what at-a-glance seems to be an everyday computer desktop (an unrefined personification of the Western societies). these two elements per se have completely undisputed and non-conflict meanings, but when put in certain context, as they are in this piece, they both gain completely new semiotic meanings.

upon opening almost any daily paper nowadays we find out that relationship between the most Western societies and the Arab world is, to put it bluntly, troublesome. with very few, but simple and extremely effective symbols green mujahideen shows how modern Western societies' can easily flourish on conflict. even more, it is in full interest of Western societies to maintain that conflict, since "the allies" strike upon the Arab world whenever their economy needs a boost. however, one often forgets that our daily lives depend on those cultures.

the quasi haiku accompanying the piece portrays these problematic relationships in even more explicit way:

oil is black

green is green

hail mujahideen