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"RhythmEngine" (REg) is a spatial communication/session tool with "Music" and "visual effects" which work over the network. The new tool, "REg" proposes an ideal way of new un-simultaneous communication in contrast to the current web-world where mainly "exchanging words" on " real time" is becoming more prevalent. The world of web used to be based on un-simultaneous communication, like e-mail communication, which indicates its method. Broad-band-ization in recent years tends to promote the pursuit of simultaneous (Real-time) connection. The communication tool is switching from the e-mail to messenger. Nevertheless, it is clear that no matter how rigorously real-time communication is pursued, the delay never becomes zero. A circumstance which begs the question, is there even a significant difference between the "delay" of 2 milli-seconds and that of 1 milli-second?

In Japan, we discover or attach stories to the trees, shrubs, the roadside stones and so on in order to recall or visualize the past, and also to leave our sentiments for to someone in the future to discover it. Our culture, which uses "the material such as stones" as a catalyst to tell "the sentimental emotion" at interval of times, has been cultivated from ancient times. Encounters of the human and conversations can occur within the heart even across time and place.

The endless pursuit of convenience generates the risk of producing a savage world. We now should re-consider the potential of the web, which gives us the connection with others and succession of emotion even over time and location.

Moreover, looking back in the history of communication, message only could tell by verbal, songs or gesture at ancient times and the message exceeds times and generation with this way. Development of the printing technology made carving messages on material possible. However, on the other hand, we wonder if the rich expressiveness and emotional feeling from "sound" and "gesture" are not impaired.

Through the "RhythmEngine," we suggest, "the session which is inherited from the past to the future using place as an agent" and "music and image communication which has rich emotion" to the Web-world.