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In Uninvited Words project I've filed and organized alphabetically all the spam words that came to me - uninvited - via email during November 2004.

On the project page the viewer can view the text files of the spam word listing in words section, download spam-sound read by computer voice in mp3 format, get usable banners, shout her/his own spam or join the spam army in downloads/uploads section. The viewer is asked to download pieces for a set-it-up-yourself spam installation consisting of chair, printed spam and sound (spam converted in mp3 format) using the instructions on the web page, and to take it to a place where spam has not reached before + take a picture of the installation for the spam installation gallery.

There are three basic modes to use the installation: turn the gallery space into a spam temple, set up an instant installation anywhere you go, or one for the most busiest ones: realize a light version of instant installation. All installation pieces are downloadable.