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The Machine Manifesto is an interactive musical performance; a reflection on the relation between human beings and machines. The Machine Manifesto is composed of a series of mechanical musical instruments or automatons, and directed by a conductor of orchestra. These instruments, programmed to perform independent tasks, follow by themselves the commands sent by the conductor via image recognition software.

In its integrity, this work reflects the existing asymmetry in human-machine relationship (conductor-instruments), providing a critical look on the privileged position of machines in our society. The Machine Manifesto explores the relation between man and machine; between the "natural" world and the "mechanical" world; between the physical, real and biological, and the technological, virtual and digital. Such oppositions are a great source of conflict in western societies,which affirm their conquest of modernity through their domination of the technological paradigm. By means of this project we intend to raise a socio-cultural debate on what is real and what it is simulated, what is human intelligence and what is artificial intelligence. The creation of automatons for this project echoes the history of the development of the machine in its more ingenious aspects. The automatons have been present in the three essential phases of the history of technology: the mechanics, the machine, and the electronics. The automaton is the result of the most positivist thought and true hope on technology, it is the ultimate challenge between the divine and the human. The Machine Manifesto concedes, explores and plays with both. For more information, you are welcome to read a spanish explanation of the project.