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Mikon Hall of Worlds is a monthly exhibition of computer controlled exo-oceanic life, a system of a computer coupled with motors, fans, lights, kinetic sculpture, inflated sculpture, light sculpture, and electronic sound modules, and a growing and changing garden of installation art. Including biomorphic sculpture and graphic design of Alicia Mikles and computer-electrical interfaces by David Liatti.

Nuts and bolts description:

The computer component of the work lies within a Pentium 4 Windows XP running laptop. An Internet Explorer browser runs JavaScript, which mimics a system of around a dozen life forms, which behave in waves of higher and lower activity. The behavior is manifested through activex controls communicating to flash, electrical switch activation via serial ports, and midi modules. Users using a trackball or issuing voice commands can take partial control of the exhibition and find out more about the individual sculptural elements within it.